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Where Do Slip And Fall Accidents Commonly Happen?

Slip and fall cases can happen anywhere, but often the places that you need to be most careful of are supermarkets. In supermarkets you can have food that has fallen onto the ground, or you may have situations where people are at restaurants and the floor is wet, which is a common situation when accidents may occur.

In restaurants, even if it’s not in the restroom, there are situations where you have unleveled floors and you are not paying attention, which could result in a slip and fall. You may be walking in the neighborhood and the sidewalk has not been maintained, so there is good chance that you may be involved in a slip and fall.

What Types of Surfaces Commonly Result in Slip and Fall Accidents?

There are some surfaces that have a bigger tendency to cause a person to slip and fall. If you have surfaces that are slippery because of water or oil or other substances, those are conditions that you should exercise extreme caution.

What Are Some Immediate Steps to Take if I Have Been Hurt in a Slip and Fall Accident?

The immediate steps that you want you take following an accident are first to make sure that you receive the medical treatment that you need. After that, it’s important that you keep the physical evidence including your shoes and the clothing that you wore on the day of this accident, because there may be substances that have been absorbed onto the clothes and the shoes that could be used to prove how the slip and fall occurred.

Next, you want to be sure that you find an attorney who has experience handling premises liability or slip and fall cases and schedule a consultation.  In that way you put yourself in the best position of getting a favorable outcome in your case.

How Much Money is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

The worth of your case is going to depend on many different variables, such as the types of injuries you suffered, the gravity of those injuries, and whether they are permanent.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For My Slip And Fall Claim?

An attorney will have the education and legal experience to handle a slip and fall case on your behalf. The claims process with the insurance company may be complicated.  Before you receive payment for your injuries there will be discussions on liability and your damages in negotiating the compensation. You put yourself at a disadvantage when you try to take on the insurance adjuster and the insurance company with their team of attorneys. In order to maximize your recovery and to not put yourself at a disadvantage, you want to have an attorney represent you.

Is My Landlord Liable for Injury Sustained on His Property?

It’s possible that your landlord may be liable for your injuries. If your injuries were caused by the landlord’s negligence, he or she may be liable for the injuries that you sustained on his property.

If I Fell Down the Steps of a Neighbor Who Lives in a Rental, Who Would be Liable for My Injuries?

It may be both. It’s going to depend on where on the property this slip and fall occurred. If it occurred in a common area and it was the responsibility of the landlord to maintain and make sure that this area is safe and they fail to inspect and make reasonable repairs that a slip and fall doesn’t occur, then it would be the landlord’s responsibility.

There will be cases where the tenant is responsible for it and the slip and fall occurred in that area. In those cases, it naturally wouldn’t be fair to hold the landlord responsible when it’s within the area of control of the tenant. It really depends on the facts of the situation as to whether the landlord is responsible, the tenant is responsible or both of them are responsible.

If I Slip and Fall at Someone’s House, Are They Held Liable for My Injuries?

It depends on the situation. Just because the injury occurred when you were on that person’s property doesn’t immediately mean that the landlord or the owner is liable for your injury.  In general we must look at the standard of care.  What would a reasonable home owner have done?  What inspections would they have done? What repairs would they have done? If they failed to do what a reasonable person would have done to inspect and repair, then their conduct falls below their standard of care and there is a breach of duty.  If the breach results in an injury, then that home owner may bear some responsibility for the slip and fall and can be required to compensate the injured party.

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