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What Barriers Make A Personal Injury Case Difficult To Win?

There are certain barriers that will make a personal injury case difficult to win. One possible barrier is if the accident was a hit-and-run and the responsible party can’t be found. Another is if the responsible party had no insurance, or any assets or property from which a judgment could be paid.

Another potential barrier is posting information about an accident or injuries on Facebook or social media site. The information is not as private as people think and seasoned adjusters will look for things to discredit accident claims.

Also, giving recorded statement about the auto accident to the insurance company for the other driver is often a bad idea as that information is used to reduce the value of a claim.

How Much Weight Do Photographs Actually Have On A Case?

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Seeing the photos of the vehicle damage, injuries, and accident scene makes the severity of the accident clear for everyone and eliminates the need for guesswork, interpretation, and imagination. Having photos will carry a great deal of weight with a jury.

Can An Attorney Predict The Outcome Of The Case?

Each case is unique and no attorney can predict the outcome of each and every case. Of course, there will be certain things in common in accidents and personal injuries. By looking at the similarities we can extrapolate from the things in common to give an opinion on how we believe the case would end.

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