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What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Slip And Falls Attorney?

1. Look for experience: Identify a firm with a proven track record of recovering settlements and favorable jury verdicts in personal injury lawsuits.

2. Find an attorney with extensive trial skills: You want an attorney who can argue your case before a jury should settlement negotiations fail.

3. Value clear and direct communication: Timely responses and personal attention are two important facets to look for in your attorney. The legal process – from start to finish – can last upwards of a year or more, so be certain you retain someone you feel provides the highest caliber of service and is fully committed to your cause.

4. Hire a lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis: Most reputable personal attorneys in Southern California only get paid if their client’s case is successful. Never pay upfront consultation fees for a personal injury matter, as all legal costs should be deferred until a settlement or award is secured.

What Do People Find Difficult to Understand in Slip and Fall Cases?

They find it difficult to understand that the legal process can take some time. They believe that the legal process should be fairly quick, in shape and to the point especially when, in their eyes, liability for the slip and fall is clear and it’s a slam dunk case.  However, there is a process and going through that process requires time.  It’s going to require different individuals working together or, for the most part, working against each other to finally reach some sort of resolution but that’s all part of the legal process, and it’s just the way it is.

What Are the Difficult Aspects of a Slip and Falls Case For an Attorney?

There may be different factors that would create some complications in the case. One would be the responsibility of multiple parties where, for instance, injury occurs in an area where there is some question whether it’s their landlord’s responsibility or just the tenant’s responsibility for that area. There may be cases where there might not be insurance coverage where the injury occurred and there is a question of how is the judgment going to be paid in the event that we are able to prove our case.

What Are the Chances of Winning a Slip and Falls Case?

That’s a judgment call. It’s going to boil down to the facts of the case and the damages. If the facts of the case show that it’s fairly clear that the slip and fall was caused by a negligence on the part of a business establishment or an owner of a certain property, that is one factor to consider.

Another one is the injuries in the case. If you did have a slip and fall but you were injured or, maybe, had some small scratches, then it might not be worth it to pursue the case because the liability is there but you don’t have the damages, so it wouldn’t make sense in that case and they would consider twice before pursuing that type of case.

How Does An Attorney Get Paid for a Slip and Fall Case?

A good thing about slip and fall cases is you don’t have to pay anything first out of pocket. Attorneys who take on these cases, especially the reputable ones, would do so on a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement, as its name suggests, is that the attorney is paid a fee for their services on the condition or the contingency that there is a recovery in the case, so if there is no recovery, the attorney does not receive any fees for their services. The benefit for you is you can prosecute your case without having to worry about funding the legal fees in order to do so.

Can Pre-Existing Conditions or Injuries Make My Slip and Falls Case Difficult to Win?

That sort of information will make your case more complicated because an element of the lawsuit is causation. We need to also prove that your injuries were caused by or resulted from the slip and fall. If you have a previous condition, the argument can be made that you were the victim of a slip and fall but they are not responsible for your injury because the slip and fall didn’t cause your injury. So, that is a common defense that could create some difficulties in your case.

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