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What Are The Desired Qualities In A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

You’re going to want an attorney that you feel comfortable with because the case could take months or years to be resolved.  Of course, you want the attorney to have the experience to assure you that the case is being handled correctly. Finally, you want to have an attorney that’s not too busy to answer and take your calls.

Some tips in your search:

1) If you arrive at a consultation and you find yourself meeting, not with the attorney, but with the secretary or somebody else, then you might want to think twice, as it is an indicator that the attorney may be too busy in order to personally handle your case.

2) If the attorney is asking you for a fee for a consultation or isn’t willing to take on your case on a contingency, it may be a further clue that you should continue searching for another attorney.

How Long Do Motorcycle Accident Cases Typically Last?

It’s difficult to really say because there are many different factors and you have to go through many different phases before a case reaches its conclusion.  One factor is the amount of time that it takes for you to recover from your injuries.  Certainly, if your treatment takes longer it will require more time to resolve your case, and there’s good reason.  Once your case is settled, we cannot ask for further compensation, so we don’t want to prematurely resolve your case.

Another factor would be the length of time it would take for the insurance carrier to review our demand package.  Typically we’ll send in a demand package and it’ll take them 30 days or so in order to review the package.  At that point, we move into the next phase which is to negotiate the amount of the compensation. There are insurance carriers that are more conciliatory and in those cases, the length of time for us to negotiate a settlement would be relatively short.

We’ve also seen cases where the insurance company, for whatever reason, chooses to fight and refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer or demand.  In those cases, we will proceed with the filing of the lawsuit.  Once the lawsuit is filed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re immediately going to trial.  Often the filing of a lawsuit is simply another tool in the negotiating process.  If we’re successful, then the length of time to resolve your case will be shorter.  However, the amount of time that it takes for the case to actually proceed with trial will depend on the availability of courtrooms and when the judge in the case may be available to hear the matter.  In these situations, we may be looking at a year or two before the case makes it to trial.

Do Motorcycle Accident Cases Take Longer than Other Personal Injury Cases?

There are challenges in the handling of a motorcycle case that you wouldn’t find in regular run-of-the-mill vehicle accidents. It certainly does require more technical information especially as it relates to motorcycle and the dynamics of motorcycle accidents.  The case won’t take longer than other personal injury cases simply because we are dealing with a motorcycle accident.  Whether it takes longer than other personal injury cases will depend on the circumstances of the case.

Can an Attorney Help Negotiate Down Hospital and Medical Bills?

Yes. An attorney can help to negotiate the medical liens and the bills in the case, taking into account the settlement money that’s available or the amount of the judgment from the case, especially if the person has not completely been made whole from the accident. For instance, if the driver had minimum policy and the compensation, because of the minimal amount of the coverage, isn’t enough to pay for all of the medical costs and to make the plaintiff whole in that case, then we have room in order to negotiate with the hospitals to reduce the medical bills.

What Are the Difficult Aspects of Motorcycle Accidents that Attorneys Have to Deal With?

Motorcycle accidents often have very long lasting and serious injuries and higher incidences of fatalities. One of the difficult aspects of this type of accident is the effect that it has on your loved ones, because of the greater likelihood of severe injuries and death.

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