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How Do Insurance Companies Come Into Play?

There are different types of insurances available to the consumer. There’s car insurance, renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, errors and omissions insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and the list goes on and on. The basic idea is that a person pays a premium to the insurance company and in return they are insured against certain risks or the occurrence of certain events.

In auto accident cases, there are usually two or more insurance companies involved, since most drivers have auto insurance due to the fact that it is mandated by law. In the context of personal injury cases, the role of insurance company is to defend its insured and to indemnify the insured for losses.

A claim may be submitted directly by the insured in a “first party claim,” or by someone other than the insured that is an injured party through a “third party claim.”

How Will Someone Be Compensated In A Case Where The Other Person Did Not Have Insurance?

These types of cases are tougher to collect. Often, your only recourse will be to collect directly from the defendant. This can be hard to do if the defendant does not have cash or assets to pay you. You may be able to go to court and get a judge to order wage garnishment or to place a lien on the defendant’s properties. Of course, the success of these efforts depends on the defendant having wages and having property to place a lien on. If a defendant really has no money or assets a judgment is going to be a challenge to collect.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Why Auto Accidents Occur?

The most common reasons for car accidents are: distraction, fatigue, drunk driving, speeding, and aggressive driving, and weather.

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