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How Can I Afford An Attorney If I’m Out Of Work Due To Injury?

With personal injury cases you’ll find that many attorneys will take the case on a contingency. This means is that you don’t pay anything upfront. The legal fees and the costs are paid from any recovery in the case. If there is no recovery there is no fee, which is great as it makes attorney representation on personal injury claims available for people who otherwise could not afford an attorney.

Why is it Important to Retain an Experienced Attorney for a Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

In addition to the rules of the road that are generally applicable to all vehicles, commercial vehicles must also abide by a set of rules that is specific to them. A greater deal of knowledge and experience in the rules that apply to commercial vehicles, which don’t apply to other common vehicles, passenger vehicles, and the claims process is needed to handle a commercial vehicle accident claim.

Also, commercial vehicle accidents are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries. The severity of injuries and the higher damages increases the stakes so that these cases will often be litigated and are going to be more aggressively defended than regular auto accidents.

A commercial vehicle accident is not a run of the mill auto accident.  You want to have an attorney who’s experienced and has knowledge in handling commercial vehicle accidents and who have successfully litigated these claims.  Also, find someone who is going to be aggressive in representing your interest.  These cases are not going to be resolved easily, so you want someone in your corner that is ready to fight on your behalf.

Can You Sue the Driver of a Commercial Vehicle?

One question that comes up is if you can sue the driver of the vehicle, and the rule is this; if an action or cause of action arises from the same transaction or occurrence, with some limited exceptions, there can only be one lawsuit.

You can’t first decide to sue the driver, and then sue the owner of the car, and then sue the Department of Transportation and then sue someone else because of this accident, because then that’s going to involve multiple cases. It’s going to take up judicial resources. It could result in inconsistent rulings on the liability in the accident. You must generally sue the driver of the vehicle along with any other liable parties in one lawsuit rather than separately.

What Does “Making Someone Whole” Mean in the Context of Personal Injury Cases?

In the context of personal injury, we certainly can’t give a person back their arm if they lost their arm in an accident. The way that we are able to address their injuries is by the payments of a certain sum of money. To make them whole, we are trying to figure out what are their losses because of the accident, how much is it worth, what is the worth of a person’s arm for the remainder of their life if they are not able to use it? What is the loss because they are not able to work for a week, a month, a year, or for the rest of their life due to their injuries?

We try to attach some monetary value for each of your injury by presenting the evidence.  It is then up to the jury, based on that evidence, to decide how much to award you so that we can try and bring you relatively back to the position that you would otherwise have been were it not for the accident.

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