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“Anyone dealing with a real estate dispute has serious money on the line and a substantial level of risk… With so much on the line, having the Law Offices of David V. Luu in your corner insures that an attorney will be accessible to you at every stage of any real estate litigation matter.”

An Experienced & Hands-on Attorney
Anyone dealing with a real estate dispute has serious money on the line and a substantial level of risk.  Whether you are buying or selling, operating on your own or representing a business, having an experienced attorney to guide you through all the legal hurdles and any problems that arise can save you from worry, time, and expense.  You can benefit from an experienced hands-on attorney.

Residential and Commercial Property Transactions, Litigation and Investor Services

At the Law Offices of David V. Luu in Santa Ana, we know Orange County residential and commercial real estate.  We help clients protect their interests in property and make sound investments.  We maintain a network with our legal and counseling skills as the foundation, enabling people with interests in California real estate to confidently and effectively deal with any real estate litigation matter.

Efficient, Knowledgeable Service that Contributes to Investor Success

Our practice areas cover the spectrum of real estate-related litigation; business litigation, and bankruptcy law.  In all we do, we believe that personal attention of an attorney is the rule and should not be the exception.  Timely responding to our clients questions and concerns during every stage of litigation is the benchmark of our practice.

When facing a real estate dispute, it is important to have an experienced attorney who can help you consider all of your legal options.  We are familiar with real estate law and can help you understand the likely outcomes and implications of potential actions.

We handle a wide range of real estate litigation matters, including those involving:

  • Breach of the warranty of habitability
  • Land movement or landslides
  • Homeowner and homeowner association (HOA) disputes
  • Mold damage
  • Failure to disclose known defects
  • Nuisance or trespass
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Loan documents
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Leasing issues and agreements

As experienced litigation attorneys, we are always prepared to go to court on behalf of our clients.  This often enables us to achieve favorable out-of-court settlements for our real estate clients.  We will do everything in our power to help you achieve the best possible outcome.  With so much on the line, having the Law Offices of David V. Luuin your corner insures that an attorney will be accessible to you at every stage of any real estate litigation matter.

Contact the Law Offices of David V. Luu today online or by telephone at (714) 697-8600 to speak with one of our helpful staff members and schedule a consultation to meet with one of our attorneys in Santa Ana, California.

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