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Difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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What is the Difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Straight bankruptcy involves liquidation of assets to repay debt

Debt readjustment, involves financial reorganization of debt for individual
with regular income
Case when Chapter 7 is most common:

-You have little property other than the basic necessities like furniture and clothing.
-You have little or no money left after paying basic and other expenses each month.
Cases when Chapter 13 is most common:

-You own a home or other property, which have significant equity that you want to keep.
-You have regular income and can pay your
living expenses, but you can keep up with the scheduled payments on your debts.
Benefits of Chapter 7:

– Most of your unsecured debts can be discharged (wiped out completely).
– The process moves quickly you may receive your discharge in just 5-6 months.- Creditors are prohibited by Federal law from contacting you while the automatic stay is in effect or after your debts are discharged.
Benefits of Chapter 13:

-You can keep the majority of your assets while spreading out the time for you to pay past due accounts.
-You will have between 3-5 years to catch up on any delinquent accounts according to a schedule that you and the bankruptcy
trustee have agreed is feasible for you.-You will make one monthly plan payment
to the bankruptcy trustee for distribution to your creditors you’ll have no direct contact with creditors during the protection period of 3-5 years.-Co-signers may be protected.
Are you qualified to file under Chapter 7?
Debtors who have qualified under the means test and completed a required
pre-filing session with a credit counselor
may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.
Are you qualified to file under Chapter 13?
You may qualify if you are an individual debtor whose unsecured debts are below
$360,475 and whose secured debts are
less than $1,081,400.

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