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Are Courts Generally Biased Towards Motorcyclists?

Popular belief regarding biker lifestyle portrays them in a negative light. It doesn’t always make sense to people the lifestyle that bikers have and they’re going to have some prejudices against bikers who are hurt in an accident. However, we are able to rule certain people out because of their prejudices through the process of voir dire and jury selection.

What Are Some Examples of Major and Minor Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents?

Traumatic brain injuries do happen in motorcycle accidents. It depends on the how the accident occurred and what part of their body strikes the ground or other things, and it’s going to change from case to case. Minor motorcycle accident injuries could be road-rash where you’ve got cuts, scrapes, and scratches.

Will My Insurance Rates Skyrocket if I Retain an Attorney For a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Not necessarily! It depends on who’s at fault for the accident and often it also poses down to who is going to be paying for the injuries in the accident. But most cases, if the person is not at fault, it’s going to be the opposing driver’s insurance that’s going to be affected and not one’s own.

What Are Some Things that a Client Asks You in Regards to Motorcycle Accidents?

Clients would like to ask how long will this case take, they’d like to know what are their chances of succeeding and getting a favorable outcome in the case, they want to know how much they’ll be compensated for their injuries, these are the most common questions that I get asked.

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